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...because Grief doesn't take a break
when you go to work.

People can experience personal and professional losses from many different sources. Losses can result from a death or any significant life changing event – job loss, relationship loss, loss of home, diagnosis with a disease or cancer and other more private losses like experiencing a miscarriage.  Grief is the normal response to loss.

Desk with Glasses and Violet ChairMuch as we'd like to have it be otherwise, grief does not disappear when we enter the workplace.

A grieving person - employee or employer - can impact the workplace in many significant ways from affecting workplace morale to decreased productivity.

One way of helping to reduce the emotional costs and the monetary costs is through education - both of the employee and the managers of employers.

At the Workplace Grief: Grief & Loss in the Workplace site you will find information, articles, books and resources to help:

  • Employees Grieving a Loss
  • Co-workers working with those Grieving a Loss
  • Managers overseeing those Grieving a Loss
Finding out more about what to expect from a normal grief response and what can be done to help a grieving person or a grieving employee can be beneficial to others when grief enters the workplace.

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